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Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman

Dec 7, 2020

We’re excited to show you this FAMILY EPISODE!!!

The first half of this podcast, Grandma Gloria, Dad, Uncle Bob and Rick talk all things Glassman's. The second half, they watch the Browns football game as Grandma, per usual, behaves extremely mashugana. We really recommend at least watching the second half on YouTube ( Either way, if you want to join us for some Sunday football, put on your Browns shirt and SCOOT DOO.

This episode starring #GrandmaGloriaGlassman, Rick's Dad and Uncle Bob (aka #UncleRobertGlassman) is more unstructured, uncensored and insightful than any episode to date. We watch the family view the Cleveland Browns (vs Philadelphia Eagles) game one Sunday as chaos unfolds with Grandma yelling, Uncle Bob doing whatever that is and Rick & his Dad playing; you get to know what it’s like to sit amongst a Glassman Family Gathering (GFG).

This isn’t just for sports fans! Grandmas Glo’s passion for the game and frustration at her family (cue Uncle Bob) is hilarious as Rick tries to hold it all together for some kind of podcast worthy episode. All-in-all this chaotic episode is full of heart and family love.

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