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Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman

Dec 21, 2020

Jackie Tohn is here by the fireplace to commemorate the last night of Hanukah and give us the cosy holiday episode we all needed.

Rick puts on his best holiday sweater and invites Jackie to sit out in the cold as they discuss being Jewish, Hanukah technicalities and families.

The two get into a very honest conversation about the industry and money, they both recall trying moments and dissect why creatives and business minds in entertainment aren’t always compatible.

Jackie divulges on filming her new Netflix food show, "Best Leftovers Ever" and how working on it offered a pivotal moment in self acceptance.

The two briefly reminisce about their past relationship and we get to see rare footage of Rick’s fine-dining restaurant job in Los Angeles.

We also find out why Jackie is Rick's NUMBER… behind Bette and Barb.


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