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Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman

Apr 29, 2019

Taran Killam (Saturday Night Live, 12 Years a Slave, Hamilton) is an American film, television & stage writer & actor.

Taran takes his shoes off & talks of his SNL audition; how he cast Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in his movie; what it was like to work with/write for his hero, Jim Carrey; & how to be a bi-coastal...

Apr 22, 2019

Jon DeWalt (NBC's Undateable, FOX's The Cool Kids) is an American television writer & producer.

THE FIRST EPISODE had to be with my best boy, Jon DeWalt. We started our careers together as background actors and now, 10+ years later, we have 1 & 2 bedroom apartments in the Valley. We talk girls, me as his best man, the...

Apr 21, 2019

Hi, I'm Rick Glassman. I'm a goofy guy. But behind the goofy is a brilliant athlete. I created this podcast to showcase a more serious side, as I have conversations with some of the funniest and most interesting people in the world. Of course, there will still be some goofs and spoofs, but think of this podcast as you...